Founded in 1958, it is No. 1 in the Argentine market as a supplier of 1-day BB chicks. With commercial leadership and presence in most Argentine provinces, it supplies more than 50% of the most important egg producing companies in the country.

Feller's main activity focuses on genetic reproduction with productive nuclei in the province of Entre Ríos, where pedigree breeding birds are housed from which fertile eggs are obtained for subsequent incubation.

From this process, BB chicks and chicks are obtained for: the production of commercial laying birds for the domestic market, the production of BB chicks for the Food Complex and export to neighboring countries, a project that aims to consolidate in the coming years .

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Founded in 1958, Cabaña Avícola Feller leads the Argentine market in the marketing of 1-day BB chicks. Our reason, the customer, is the slogan of the cabin that translates into efficiency, genetic excellence and constant training, offering high quality products and excellent service.