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The production plants are designed under strict criteria and standardized processes of biosecurity, traceability and continuous improvement. Strategically located, in areas with a natural sanitary barrier, birds are isolated from the main means of transmission of different diseases that can affect them.

Its production centers: the High Biosecurity Complex –COBISE 1-, Margarita Complex; Incubation plants for light and heavy lines, Balanced Feed Processing Plants, Soybean processing plant for obtaining oil and expelling soybeans and the Cobise 2 Complex, in execution.


It is a model establishment built under world standards in poultry production, consisting of 1 rearing nucleus and 4 production nuclei with a total of 18 ships. The complex equipped with state-of-the-art technology, fully automated management systems and a rigorous biosecurity process, is located in a natural area of 400 hectares privileged for the development of the activity.

"A project, a reality and a legacy for the future" was the premise that sustained its development from a focus of high innovation and sustainability, considering the growth of demand and the challenges of the current market.


The new production complex, in execution, will be used to house heavy breeders, whose production will be mainly for Calisa. In terms of production, the Complex will achieve the best quality, higher volumes and greater added value to underpin the growth and improvement of the poultry meat production chain for the internal and external market.


The Hut has two hatchery plants, which are establishments whose main function is the incubation of fertile eggs. Hatchery 1 is intended for the production of bb chicks that are sent to customers throughout the country, the main egg producers in the market. In hatchery 2, the production of bbq broiler chicks for the Complejo Alimentario SA is carried out. The building is designed complying with rigorous distribution, process, movement flow and adequate temperature and humidity conditioning procedures.


It is the first complex of the Cabaña, made up of 7 nuclei of 22 ships, which was created in 1995, giving the cabin the first quantitative and qualitative leap to supply a growing demand. This complex was the first to have international regulations in its production and remains in force with the incorporation of technology and applied biosecurity processes. At present, added to the Betbeder complex, they are the productive pillars for the accommodation of the heavy breeders.

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Founded in 1958, Cabaña Avícola Feller leads the Argentine market in the marketing of 1-day BB chicks. Our reason, the customer, is the slogan of the cabin that translates into efficiency, genetic excellence and constant training, offering high quality products and excellent service.